Today we’re talking about a few of my most favorite knitting books. Oh, and BTW, this stuff makes for great Holiday gifts if you have a crafter on your list. This includes the ever popular self-gifting we all do while we’re in holiday shopping mode.

For new knitters, I suggest:

These books give an idea of the breadth of the modern knitting movement. They are well written and illustrated. And let’s be honest. They are super fun.

Knitting books
Best books for newer crafters

  • Stitch ‘N Bitch is a handbook of sorts for newer knitters, and is largely credited with getting the modern knitting movement as we know it off the ground. It made knitting cool and encourages people to form groups.
  • Yarn Bombing is a fantastic exploration into the social movement of fiber graffiti. It has colorful pictures and stories, and is a great addition to ANY yarn crafter’s personal library.
  • The Ohio Knitting Mills book is from an actual knitting mill in Ohio. It’s been around since 1927, and recently started production again. I got this book as part of a Crowd Funding Program, but you can purchase it online. It’s got original knitting patterns, of which the Mondrian inspired dress is a personal favorite. There’s nothing beginner about it, but it is a fascinating look at a company offering American made textiles.

knitting books

Knitting books for people who love great books.

This next list of book recommendations are just plain gorgeous to look at, and they are interesting to read.

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They have sumptuous photographs in beautiful locations, and they tell really great stories. Whether you can construct any of the patterns is not even important, because the books are so enjoyable.

knitting books

These are my current favorites. Talk about well written stories and lovely pictures of hand made knits you can’t wait to make.

    • Home and Away is from Hannah Fettig. She is a wonderful designer and knitting teacher. Here’s how she describes her newest publication: “It features nine versatile patterns, designed for knitters of all skill levels. Each sweater pattern includes two sets of instructions: you can choose to knit seamless or with seams. In addition, Home & Away is full of information to help you increase your knowledge and skill, with articles on gauge, fit, understanding a pattern, yarn substitution, and MORE! Beautifully photographed along the coast of Maine, this book will serve you both inspirationally and practically in your endeavors to grow as a knitter.” Also, the whole book was produced AND printed in America. I bought it for that reason alone. If we want to bring back Made in America, we have to BUY Made in America People.
    • Magpies, Homebodies and Nomads is a joy to read. You can also simply enjoy the photography created by Jared Flood who is completely amazing. The book’s author is knitwear designer, Cirilia Rose, who is one of my favorites. Her designs and stories are wonderful. You want this.
    • Kelbourne Woolens is a Greatest Hits Album, if you will, of their patterns from 2008 – 2012. More great photography of gorgeous knitwear. It’s stuff you really want to make! Even if you can’t make it today, someday you can if you keep working at it.

Recommendations from Pattymac Knits

Books For Every Interest

I’m a fan of anything French influenced, so I thought pairing these two books would be super cute. If you are planning a gift set for someone, picking two really different pattern books that have a similar theme is a great idea.

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Truthfully, in the dog pattern book, the cover shot is the only French themed doggy knit in the book, but it paired so nice with the other publication, I couldn’t resist photographing them together. Besides, what’s more French than having a doggy accompany you everywhere?

Recommendations from Pattymac Knits

  • French Girl Knits is a collection of gorgeous garments and accessories photographed in France. There’s nothing beginner about this book, but really, who cares. It’s great for goal setting and a really good read.
  • Wooly Woofers is a book devoted entirely to knits for doggies! So you know I’m going to love this one. If you’re new to knitting my own Everyday Dog Cowl is the absolute best first knitting project for dogs. But if you have some experience, then this book has several pieces. Personally, I really want to make the doggy beret! Tres Chic! And it’s Debbie Bliss who is very well known and respected in knitting pattern circles. If your a knitter and a dog enthusiast, then this book is definitely for you.

If you’re new to knitting, I hope you enjoyed this over view of the cool and interesting books available. Don’t worry if you can’t make all of these things. Honestly! In the beginning, it’s hard to make just about everything. That’s completely normal, and it will change. It’s a wonderful experience to select a book from your collection that hasn’t been opened in a while only to find you suddenly understand the directions. So if you see a book you like, grab it! One day you’re going to open it up and realize you comprehend the instructions. You are ready to Cast On that project that once eluded you.

If you have some experience, I hope you found something new to love in this quick over view.

If you’re shopping for someone who knits, this should give you some ideas! Don’t worry, because I’m planning a gift guide for December.

Where to buy all this printed fabulousness? I always like to purchase from the author if possible. Then I know they are getting paid for their work. I also purchase in the LYS (Local Yarn Store) whenever possible, because I want to support my local shop keepers. Amazon is a great resource, and I’ve purchased MANY used books that look brand new from them at a fraction of the cost.

Recommendations from Pattymac Knits

Can you tell which books I bought from the LYS and which I bought used on Amazon? Me neither.

Author: Pattymac

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