Make this Easy, Free Scarf Knitting Pattern. This is a great knitting project for beginners! Tutorials and videos included!

Curious about how to make gigantic, fluffy pom poms or how to weave in your loose ends in way that doesn't require finishing at the very end of your project? Want to finally learn how to knit?

Well then, you've come to the right place!

Welcome to the tutorials page. This is a sampler of the video tutorials featuring different knitting techniques and easy DIY projects. You will also find links to blog posts that have the tutorials in them so you can easily find what you're looking for.

If you have something particular you would like to see, then please drop me a note and let me know!

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Below you'll find a small selection of the tutorials I have for you!


Ever wondered about how to use those cool pom pom makers?

This fun little tutorial shows you how I make those super cute pom poms that are perfect for decorating your hand knits. Pom poms are also amazing for fun DIY projects suitable for just about everyone. Intimidated by knitting? But fascinated by all the yarn crafts you keep seeing online? So get started with Pom Poms! It's a fun yarn craft, and once you feel comfy, cozy making these, you might find making that first cast on a lot less scary. Here's a full tutorial post  to get you started!

Here's a Pom Pom DIY project that is perfect for Easter.

I love this little pom pom bunny! Even though he made his debut for Easter, anytime is a good time to make a Pom Pom bunny. See more bunny photos and read the full tutorial post by going here.

This is a fun video showing how to knit a cat hat. It's made flat and seamed so you don't even have to know how to knit-in-the-round.

I absolutely love cat hats, but I know that not everyone can knit-in-the-round. Here's a fun cat hat I designed with yarn from Malabrigo, but you could use whatever you like. The full blog post is here, but you can watch the video either here or there.

If you need to start at the very beginning when it comes to knitting, start here! I have a full series on the blog about learning to knit. It includes free patterns and videos for all the steps. But you can start here. Learn to Cast On is the first step.