Pattymac Knits is a website where we learn how to knit all the things and bake Chocolate Chip Cookies in the process. What's better than that?

Hi there! I'm Patty, but everybody knows me as Pattymac. My mission is to encourage and inspire you who wants to make all the things, but enjoy the process along the way. If you like to keep it low stress, you've found your tribe. Not everyone wants to engage in knitting gymnastics, and this is a place where we believe chill is cool.

So just get started! If you’re still unsure about it, here’s a blog post about jumping in.  Remember that crafting is a process, and you will make mistakes. That’s ok. It’s part of the learning. This is why I often say, "Knitting lessons are a lot like life lessons. It’s going to be a little messy and sort of complicated, and you will have periods of frustration. But have faith in yourself, develop a little patience, and keep going."

You will be amazed at the cool things you can do!

Knitting Tutorials | Learn How to Knit | How to make Pom Poms Wondering how to craft cute knitting projects?

So, I bet you're wondering what kinds of stuff do we do on Pattymac Knits?

      • Fun, free knitting patterns with plenty of tutorials.
      • Lots of delicious recipes. These are recipes I really make, and they are designed to be stuff you can also make in your own home kitchen. Some are my own concoctions and some are recipes I've adapted from my favorite recipe authors. You'll always know which is which.
      • Reviews of popular patterns from a variety of knitwear designers and craft bloggers along with suggestions for making the item yourself.
      • Reviews of knitting products and yarns.
      • Super fun craft DIY tutorials, because people who knit generally dabble in all sorts of handmade goodness. This includes stuff like chocolate chip cookies, pom pom bouquets, felt crafts, and flower crowns.
      • Interviews with interesting people who also love knitting and craft.
      • Sharing the very latest in Pattymac Knits product updates and launches.
      • And, of course, lots of lovely photography. All created by Yours Truly.

Try this easy hat Knitting Pattern. It's such a Cute Cat Hat and is Perfect for Fall. If you are looking for a great first hat to knit, this one is it!

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