Enjoy this post on how to make this adorable DIY Felt Christmas Ornament set. This is an easy embroidery project.What’s Christmas without stockings, kittens, and that famous mouse that is nestled in on Christmas Eve? The holidays call for a touch of hand sewing, and this little project will have you scurrying to pick up a little felt and embroidery floss.

This summer I took some time off from being so connected online and allowed myself time to learn a few new crafts. It can be difficult to make crafts if you are constantly writing about them. There are only so many hours in the day. Unfortunately. So I took that precious time and worked through a couple of classes on hand embroidery, which is now one of my favorite things. With just a couple of simple stitches, I was able to make this adorable project.

You might recognize the Kitten  and the Mice. I made them for the blog and even made videos of the process I followed to make them. This was before I took the Craftsy (now  Bluprint) embroidery classes so I kind of fumbled my way through them. However, they are still adorable!! And I love them nestled in to the Christmas Stockings I sewed this month using my mad new stitching skills.

The felt came from my dear online friend, Deanna, who had a shop called Busy Little Bird. She has closed the shop to fully enjoy her retirement, so I can’t link over to her anymore. However, she referred me to Benzie Design as they offer the same quality of felt. And once you’ve worked with this felt, you won’t want the cheaper craft store version any more. Trust me.

Deanna designed the adorable little mouse, but you will be happy to know the mouse project now lives happily on this website. You can see the mouse felt craft project by going here. There’s a free printable and everything! The mouse is as easy as a little running stitch, french knots and some tacky glue.

The kittens were designed by my online friend Stephanie of Swoodson Says, and you will need to go to her website to obtain that pattern. Believe me, it’s totally worth it, because they are SO CUTE! Here’s my post on making them along with the video I made. The kittens were the same stitches as the mice: running stitch, some french knots and a little glue. So easy!

Now let’s talk about the Christmas Stocking. Deanna had them as precut shapes, but the press she used has been sold. However, she gave me permission to trace the shapes and put that on my website in this post so you can still make your own Christmas stocking for the kittens and mice to sit in! I used blanket stitch to piece the stocking together and then glued 20 lb. hemp string inside for the hanger. I used the same tacky glue to attach the white top of the stocking. I jazzed those up by sewing on the mini bells, and I added star stitch to the stockings to dress them up. For the complete steps, download the printable!

I think you can see that this project is adorable and so worthwhile to make. I added the hangers to the stockings so they can hang with the children’s Christmas stockings and be a surprise on Christmas morning. Or you can make a collection and hang them on the tree. I also made the stockings in non traditional colors, because I think that’s fun! I hope you agree and enjoy stitching this project yourself. It’s also fun for slightly older children to make. And I would even say it could be a relaxing activity on Christmas Eve to stitch these while sipping cocoa and playing Christmas movies or music in the background.

To download your free pattern to cut and sew your own Christmas Stockings, simply click the picture below. I must admit that it’s not the fanciest pattern I’ve ever made, but it works.

Enjoy this post on how to make this adorable DIY Felt Christmas Ornament set. Free Printables included. This is an easy embroidery project. From Pattymac Knits

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Author: Pattymac

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