If you enjoyed last week’s blog post that featured the Celebration Scarf Knitting Pattern re-release, then I’m pretty sure you’re going to enjoy this week’s update as well.

Meet the Celebration Dog Cowl, another super cute and easy knitting pattern, written just for your dog. I wrote this pattern because finding fun knitting projects for beginners can be such a challenge!

We want to make fun things, but when skills are a bit limited it can be a challenge.

That’s why I developed this knitting pattern.

easy knitting patterns, and suitable knitting for beginners from Pattymac Knits
Willie and Biscuit in their handmade cowls

The idea to knit a dog cowl in this particular fiber came about because I started seeing tons of articles about how people were starting to include their beloved furry friends in their wedding ceremonies. I thought the white with the flecks of color made for something super sweet to wear down the aisle.

Plus, a knitted cowl fits the dog much like a collar so they are less likely to feel uncomfortable in it.

I love dogs in flower crowns as much as the next gal, but not all dogs are chilled out enough to pull those off! Even for a super chill dog like Willie, the flower crown can only be worn for a very limited time. In case you missed those updates from last summer, here’s a peek.

handmade flower crown
Willie in his summer flower crown.

So, the knitted dog cowl in that super fun yarn seemed like the best way to develop a pattern that worked for weddings, or family reunions or big parties. We have so many things we celebrate in our lives, and we include our dogs more and more. So why shouldn’t they have something adorable to wear in the pictures as well?

easy knitting patterns, and suitable knitting for beginners from Pattymac Knits
Sweet Stoli is positively angelic in her knitted doggy cowl!

Just look at that precious face! This sweet girl is named Stoli, and she’s lovely no matter what. But in that knitted cowl, she’s off the charts in her cuteness.

The project is easy to customize to any dog of any size, and it looks cute on ALL of them.

For any special occasion you have planned, simply knit this custom cowl up in a couple of hours (or less) and your dog will be the star of the show.

Got a family reunion coming up? Are you the last one to still be without babies in tow? Yeah. I know how that feels. Divert the unwanted attention and comments by showing up with your fur baby dressed to the nines in a Celebration Cowl. Aunt Bertie will be so impressed you took up knitting, she’ll forget all about the baby thing. (really throw them off by bringing a scratch made dessert AND a knitting project to work on while catching up on family stories and gossip.)

easy knitting patterns, and suitable knitting for beginners from Pattymac Knits
Lily is ready for a Howling good time in her hand knit dog cowl!

I mentioned earlier this is a pattern “RE-release.”

You might wonder why I would go to the trouble of re-releasing my knitting designs. Well, there are several reasons. Mostly, I redesigned my early knitting pattern designs, because it creates so many benefits for you, and I couldn’t resist.

The first benefit, and it’s a BIG one,  is that I upgraded my software, and can now produce a MUCH nicer pattern design. The software easily makes multi page PDF documents, AND does an incredible job of compressing the data. This means YOU get a better looking pattern, with more information, more instructions, bigger pictures, and it will download fast and easy. You can also print the pattern in whole or in part and it will look great.

I’m using graphic design software and fonts preferred by professional designers, so they look really good and are easy to read. The pictures are big, so you can clearly see the project, and have a good idea of how it’s going to look.

This new software also allows me to include embedded links. This means I can link to video tutorials showing specific techniques. So no more searching around on your own to find instructions on how to do things. I’ll include the link to a video for you right in the pattern.

Soon, the videos will all by my own, so I can actually walk you through what I have found to be the best explanations.

easy knitting patterns, and suitable knitting for beginners from Pattymac Knits
Pictures of your fur kid in their own Celebration Dog Cowl is pawsitively darling!

The look of this cowl relies completely on the recommended yarn.  It is what gives this project its special personality. The yarn is a special order, and it does have to be wound from a hank into a ball or a cake. It is a couple of extra steps beyond craft store yarn, but sometimes a special project is worth the extra effort! Trust me on this. I have some craft store yarns I enjoy for many projects, but there’s nothing like a fancy fiber for injecting serious personality into your project.

easy knitting patterns, and suitable knitting for beginners from Pattymac Knits
Willie loves to Celebrate.

This pattern is available in my Etsy and Ravelry shops. The pattern is a multi page PDF download with clickable links. You will have access to the pattern as soon as your transaction is complete.

It’s a great pattern if you have only tried out a couple of things, and even though it’s pretty easy, it is written to give exposure to several concepts and ideas that will expand your knitting knowledge in an easy and fun format.

Remember to tag your projects on Instagram with #pattymacknits so we can all see them and trade compliments!



Author: Pattymac

Patty loves figuring out new ways to use pom poms, where to stash more yarn and is always wondering what to bake next...chocolate or lemon? When not dreaming up new things to knit (or bake), she loves riding her beach cruiser on the Boardwalk, escaping to mid week movie matinees, and planting new things in her container garden.