The Best Faux Fur Pom Poms, Product Review | Pattymac Knits

Faux fur pom poms are the perfect finishing touch for knit or crochet hats. These are my favorites!

Pom poms are a  favorite topic of mine. I love pom poms in all forms and shapes and sizes and colors. I LOVE making them and then LOVE making fun projects WITH them. There’s one place that we all think of first when we think about where a pom pom should go. And that’s on top of a hat.  Have you seen those gorgeous faux fur pom poms?

The Best Faux Fur Pom Poms, Product Review | Pattymac Knits
I’m absolutely drooling over this, and I already have it! HAHA!

This post is about discovering the newest and biggest craze I’ve seen in a while concerning Pom Poms.

Fur Pom Poms have been sweeping across Instagram this winter like wildfire. They are all over Etsy as well. Here’s my dilemma. I think they are stunningly beautiful, and they make a knitted hat look like a million bucks. That part is undeniable. But….I just can’t go there. I can’t bear to think about where that fur came from.

Now, let me be up front with you. This is not a political post (because there’s enough of that already), and this is not a post designed to bash anyone for their choices (more than enough of that going around). So please, don’t feel like you need to leave disparaging comments that denigrate anyone or their choices. This is not that sort of blog. I respect you for your feelings, but please. Let’s not get into moral debates on a craft blog.

Instead, let me share a FAUX FUR Pom Pom I’ve found with you.

This Raccoon style pom pom is my favorite!

Um yeah. That’s NOT real fur.

It’s a Faux Fur Pom. And it is utterly stunning. These came through my Instagram feed from Fibre Space in Alexandria. I haven’t been to Fibre Space in person, but I have ordered over the phone from them a couple of times. I’ve recently found out I can take a train from the next city over right to DC in only a couple of hours, so I’m going to be looking into doing that soon. An overnight trip to visit the Smithsonian and see Fibre Space in person would be amazing.

Anyway, as I was saying, Fibre Space started sharing these gorgeous pom poms so I called and ordered a couple. This was an exercise in trust, because I had the woman who answered the phone pick out a couple for me from what they had left. I was not disappointed.

I adore the Fibre Space Logo.

Fibre Space hosts the most amazing knitting and crochet related classes and brings in incredible talent for different special events. And their logo  and business card is ADORABLE.

These are the two poms they picked out for me.

I know, right? How is this not real??? The artist who makes these is from Austria and is on Instagram as @lovafur. She looks like she’s doing a lot of different accessories, but what I really want is a couple more of these faux fur pom poms from Fibre Space.

Look at how life like this Faux Fur is as the wind blows through the pom pom. I think it’s amazing.

Here’s the thing about these. They are not inexpensive. I paid $22 each for these, so with shipping it was like $47 for the pair. Yeah. It was a lot .

But they are gorgeous. I want more!

They have a fox version in now for $24 a piece, so I may succumb and have to order a couple more. I’m a total addict.

So these are the top end of what I’ve seen, and I understand if that’s a little rich for your knitting blood. And I understand not everyone is as adventurous as I am and willing to fork over fifty bucks to get two pom poms sight unseen. No worries, because I have a second option for you.

If you ever need a Tribble for something, these are pretty much perfect!

This version of faux fur pom is from Premiere and is more budget friendly. These are only $4.50 from the Premiere website. So way more affordable, and really, more appropriate for a child’s hat. The poms pictured are Koala (l) and Camel (r). Mom said the grey one looks kinda like squirrel, but hey. It’s under 5 bucks! It’s still a good option and I made several hats with these before finding the luxury Poms described in the first part of the article.

How do these items compare to one another? Well, here’s a picture of the two different brands together.

The two versions side by side. The luxury version is about twice the size.

There is quite a bit of difference between the two as you can see here, but both are definitely acceptable options.

It depends on your budget and who the end user of the knitted or crocheted piece is going to be. My wallet is not lined with 100 dollar bills, so putting a $25 pom pom on a hat for 6 year old to wear to school seems a little extravagant for me. But, that less expensive version from Premiere is a great option.

Wondering how they look actually on hats?

Here’s the two side by side on similar hats. I’ll have a pattern review later on in the season for you about this hat pattern. I did yarn substitutions and knit them from two different weights, brands and needles. But they both fit the recipients perfectly, because I used my gauge method for getting my hats to fit every time! I should probably write that up as a class. What do you all think?

Can you get enough of these faux fur poms?

So it’s clearly an example of “you get what you pay for.”

The @lovafur version is pictured on the left and the Premiere Yarns version is on the right. You can kinda see why mom thinks it looks like a squirrel. But, it’s still a very cute option, and I have worn it myself. But I definitely prefer the luxury version I bought from Fibre Space.

There are inexpensive versions on etsy that look beautiful in the photos. I haven’t tried them, but I think after writing today’s story, I’m going to order a couple and see what I get.

If you’re wondering why I didn’t do a tutorial for a DIY faux fur pom pom, I’ll tell you why. The fabric stores here are the pits. I mean AWFUL. They have some decent cottons, but the rest of it is mostly crap. It’s very disappointing. The faux fur they had was just dreadful, and they wanted over $20 a yard for it. You can buy it online, but I just didn’t want to buy faux fur by the yard online. It was too hard to tell what I was going to get. If this changes and I find something good, then yes, I would love to make a couple faux fur accessories.

For now, I’m leaving you this final version of a pom pom, which is good ole standby yarn pom poms! I made all the pom poms in the background of this setup. I have a trick that might surprise you. It surprised me when I figured it out, and now I only make them this way. If you missed my post on how I like to make my pom poms, you might want to go check that out while you’re here. It’s pretty good, and includes a video!

I made all those pom poms in the background as well.

Let me know what your favorite pom pom was today and if you’ve tried faux fur versions. I’d love to hear from you! Please sign up for my email list before you leave. You’ll never miss a post and you’ll get some fun, free stuff for joining!

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