Today’s exciting update is a Free Scarf Knitting pattern for beginners. This pattern combines chunky yarn and garter stitch to craft the perfect scarf for Men or Women.  Even Children can wear this scarf. 

There’s nothing better on a cold winter’s day than a great scarf. Don’t you agree? Especially when that scarf is crafted in a chunky yarn and knit extra long. What could be better?

I love how grey complements everything.

Did you know that a simple scarf can be extremely versatile? If you knit your scarf just a little bit longer than usually suggested, it gives you so many options. Today I’m introducing you to my Magic Scarf free knitting pattern.  I call this the Magic Scarf for a reason!

Here are just a few reasons why I LOVE this scarf project. I recommend and teach this as the first project for all my knitting students. Here’s why:

A grey scarf is a perfect accessory, so you’ll actually be able to wear it when you’re done.

  1. It matches everything.
  2. It can be dressed up or down.
  3. It always looks chic.
  4. It looks good on everybody.

Dish cloths are nice, but they will never be THIS….

Dish cloths are fine for summer knitting, but in winter you want something that will keep you warm!

So while I believe knitting a scarf is the ideal first project, I don’t think it should be just any old yarn and needles. I recommend heavier weight yarn, knit on specific needles, in a very particular pattern and in a specific color.

Why am I so nit picky about what to use for this project? I’m so glad you asked!

  1. The grey yarn I recommend allows you to actually see your work! Being able to see your stitching is very important.
  2. Wool content is critical. It gives much nicer stitch definition so you can, you guessed it, see your work!
  3. Heavier weight yarn is ideal for beginners. It’s easier to handle and, once again, you can see your work! Are you noticing a pattern here?
  4. This is a pretty long scarf, so it gives you time to get used to making the stitches. Developing muscle memory for the stitching is how we progress. It’s how we improve our tension over time which is what gives us neat, even fabric. So taking the time to get super comfortable making the knit stitch is  important. It’s the foundation for all of your future knitting. Remember, knitting is not a race. It’s a process.
  5. When the project is all done, you have something you will love and actually get to use! It will keep you snuggly warm on chilly days.

The scarf is snuggly soft.

I also love this scarf pattern, because it can be styled so many different ways. It’s extremely versatile! You can literally wear this same knit every day, and yet style it in totally different ways.

Plus, how many projects look equally as good on men as they do on women? I’ll tell you. Not many. But this scarf will actually work for everybody. Why do you think I call it a Magic Scarf?

Here’s how to wear the Magic Scarf Pattern 5 Different ways.

1. Wear it long and asymmetrical.

2. Loop the scarf around your neck and pull the ends through the loop. This look is very popular in Europe.

3.   Wear it wrapped long and thrown over your shoulder. I call this the Aviator look.

4.  Knot the ends for a whole new look. You can even put in multiple knots for a really avant garde look.

5.  Wrap the scarf multiple times around your neck for a look that simulates an infinity scarf.

I love how simply changing the way the scarf is wrapped totally changes the look of the whole outfit.

Are you surprised by how great such a simple scarf can look? I believe simple, clean design is always a good choice.

Your accessories should enhance your appearance and personality, not compete with it.

So while a statement making Super Scarf is fun, this Magic Scarf is what you’ll reach for day in and day out.

If you are into developing a capsule wardrobe, this scarf would definitely be something to include. It will go with everything.

Talk about 50 Shades of Grey.

This week I’m sharing the pattern with you. It’s a free printable and includes a shopping list so you know exactly which yarn and needles to pick up. If you are comfortable with the pattern instructions, then by all means, knit away! If you are a little unsure about what to do, no worries.

Next week I’m going to begin sharing the technique videos you’ll need to make this project on your own. Get exactly what’s on the shopping list, and meet me back here as I kick off Knitting School! Each week we will learn something new about making this scarf. By the end, you’ll have this finished scarf to wear, and be ready to make more.

Are you ready? Click the photo below to download your free pattern and accompanying shopping list.

Meet me back here next week, and we’ll get started on the scarf. If you have questions, you can drop me a message on Facebook. Be sure to follow me on the Pattymac Knits fan page. I’d love if you tagged yourself making and wearing the scarf on Instagram using the tags #pattymacknits and #magicscarf. That would be awesome!

See you next week! If you have any other questions, leave me a message in the comments below or feel free to use the contact form to email me. I love hearing from you. See you again soon!

Free Scarf Knitting pattern for beginners. Combines chunky yarn and garter stitch to craft the perfect scarf for Men or Women, and even Children.



Author: Pattymac

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