How to sew this adorable bunny softie is the topic of today.

Since Easter is my favorite holiday, I thought kicking off my favorite season would be fun to do with a Bunny Project. As far as I’m concerned, the world can’t have too many cute bunny projects. I’m team All the Bunnies, All the time! This is an easy sewing pattern for beginner sewists. Make this softie for Easter or anytime you need a cute gift for a child.

This adorable project was designed by my online friend Stephanie of Swoodson Says. She calls this project her Bandana Bunny Softie.  She has a pattern on her website as well as more details on sewing the project. Be sure to check out her site (which I’ve linked) so you can get this pattern and sew them for yourself. Which I highly recommend.

I have sewn this project more than once! And I think it’s easy to see why.

The bunnies are cute no matter what fabric you use!

I am basically a beginner sewist. Even though I sewed many years ago, when I decided to get the machine back out last summer, it was like starting over. I’ve had to go back to square one in terms of learning how to cut and work with fabric. So I like a small project that allows me to complete all the steps from start to finish in a short amount of time. That way, I feel like I really learn the process faster.  Bags and housewares are my friend!

I also liked how this project mixes basic embroidery with sewing. I picked up both of these crafts again last summer, and having both in one project is just the best thing ever. As I was working on the photos for this blog post, I realized that this project is very similar to some pillows I made back in my high school home ec class. I made a bunch of them, because I loved the project so much. I even made them outside of class, because I enjoyed them so much. Oh how I wish I still had them, but sadly they didn’t survive all the moving and downsizing over the years. And this was before we took pictures of our projects, so I only have my memories.

I made two sizes so it’s like a momma and a baby.

I used quilting cotton in my stash to sew these bunnies. I used linen scraps to sew the faces, and I already had the embroidery floss on hand, too.  So actually, I made this whole project from my materials on hand. Which is always so nice! I keep a pretty well stocked crafting assortment, so I can pretty much jump into any project when the inspiration strikes me. That seems to be at 8 PM on a Friday when the store is closed, so if I want to make it, I better already have it here on hand.

The more I think about it, having a well stocked craft room is like having a well stocked kitchen pantry. If you always have those basics on hand, you can pretty much jump right into any project that strikes your fancy. Even if it’s an odd time. Or if you’re snowed in for the 4th day in a row.

With Easter just around the corner, this would be a darling project to include in a child’s Easter Basket.

I saw some premade baskets in the store this week, and pitiful is the only way I could describe them. I feel so sad for children if that is what the Easter Bunny is bringing them these days. Ironically, these abysmal baskets were at the checkout line in Joann Fabrics. Why would someone in a craft store purchase anything like that? Do people not make Easter Baskets for their children anymore? I do apologize if I’ve hurt anyone’s feelings or made an offending comment regarding the tragic state of Easter Baskets, but I really do think we can do better than that.

Who can resist this precious project?

I made a video about how to use a downloadable pdf sewing pattern, which is how this pattern is delivered; you will need to download it from Stephanie’s website. It was a new process to me, so I thought I would share some tips and tricks I learned going through that adventure. Also, it’s my first time filming a sewing project, so I learned a lot going through that operation. I hope it helps you, and most of all, I hope you will enjoy it!

Thanks so much for dropping by today! I hope you enjoyed this pattern review, and that you sew some bunnies, too! Because really…who can resist? Betcha can’t stop at two!! Happy crafting!

I truly do love my bunnies and can’t wait to make MORE!

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