Get ready for an adorable vintage inspired Snow Globe DIY project! It includes woodland animals in a mason jar. This is an adorable Indoor Christmas decoration idea.

Thanksgiving is behind us and the sprint to Christmas is here. All the craziness and pressure that is now synonymous with the holiday season is also here. Please don’t misunderstand. I really enjoy the holiday season, but I don’t enjoy the level of craziness that is normalized in our culture now. So to combat the over the top craziness, today I would like to share a Vintage inspired Snow Globe DIY with adorable woodland animals. I included a mason jar, because who doesn’t love mason jar crafts? This is a perfect indoor Christmas decoration idea that can be tucked on to window sills or displayed with other decorations. I hope you enjoy this Mason Jar Vintage Snowglobe DIY project for Christmas as much as I enjoyed making them!

See how cute that is? I made them, and I still can’t believe how adorable they are. The best part is that this is a really easy project. Scratch that.

This is the easiest Christmas project you will make.

I would not say this is a project for small children, because it involves a glue gun. And I think they are too hot for little kids to handle. And you need the fast acting sticking power of the glue gun for this to work.  But any small child would be delighted to receive one of these as a gift. And it’s so easy to personalize them. You could also have the child pick out their favorite elements and decide how they want it laid out and then do the glue gun portion for them.

To start, you need to decide on the jar you want to use. I already had a bunch of these here so I wanted to use them. And I’ve been itching for something that included bottle brush trees, because they are all the rage this year. I was inspired by someone’s project I saw on Pinterest. She made her snow globes using mini cars. I loved them and wanted to try them, but goodness, the cars were expensive and I wasn’t sure how big they were going to be. And I wanted to use this particular jar. And I also like to make up my own interpretation of someone’s project and not just out right copy their idea. Where’s the fun in that?

So, I went to my craft store and spent some time looking around. I picked up the jar I wanted to use so I could compare the pieces to see what would work. I wound up finding these items in a section with Christmas tree ornaments and things. So I picked up the trees and the animals I liked and found a tub with these little sticks that looked like forest logs. I also bought the snow in this section, because it seemed like a better scale.

When I came home and put the items in the jar, it came out like this.

Apparently, anything in a mason jar is just cuter. The cuteness elevates to a very high new level, and it amazed even me! This little bear is my favorite new thing.

I also made a couple of things with a different style jar to try that out, too.

The fawn is truly a vintage motif, so I knew I wanted to make something using this precious little baby. I thought the pink tree really took this snow globe to all new retro heights and I’m super happy with the outcome.

If woodland animals are not your thing (how are they not your thing??), don’t despair, because I thought the mini ornaments in the mini mason jar also looked adorable.

Here’s what you need to make this project:

  1. A container of your choosing. I selected small glass jars with lids.
  2. An assortment of treasures to put into the jar. I used bottle brush trees, woodland animals, sticks and fake snow.
  3. A spoon, and a long handled tea spoon is best.
  4. A pair of tweesers.
  5. A glue gun.

To assemble:

  • Lay out your pieces to get a general idea of what you want to put into your jar. Decide on the arrangement.
  • Glue gun the bottoms of your pieces into the jar so they stay put.
  • Use the tweezers to lower the items into place inside the jar.
  • Sprinkle in the snow using the spoon around the edges of the project inside.
  • Put the lid back on.

I made several of these in under an hour! If the trees were too tall, I used wire cutters to cut to bottoms off the trees and then placed them into the jars. A pair of kitchen scissors would likely do the trick on this as well.

Please note that these are WATERLESS. This is not something to shake up and watch the snowy bits float around. This is a dry snow globe. The water part is not going to travel as well and I would be concerned the trees would start breaking down and the paint start coming off the animals pretty quickly. As these are made, they will basically last forever.

And as you can see, the jars add to the personality of the snow globe. So spend a little time at your craft store looking at every thing to pick out the pieces you like the best.

I hope you enjoy this and make your own little projects. If you are new to the blog, welcome!! And if you are a returning reader, then welcome back! Please be sure to sign up for my email list before you leave today. I create all sort of fun new projects and videos and tutorials every week, and I will email them to you so you don’t miss anything.


Author: Pattymac

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