Looking for a fun summer pom pom craft project? Check out this darling pom pom t-shirt that is also a great project to make with children.

Summer is a tricky season for knitting. Some people are super die hards and will knit chunky wool blankets while sipping iced tea and dipping their toes in the cool blue of a refreshing swimming pool. Other people switch to sock knitting. It’s portable, and let’s be real. Sock yarn should be classified as a controlled substance. Soooooooo darn addicting. A lot of people switch off the knitting hobby altogether and are content leaving those WIPs in a basket to languish until the first leaf turns ruby red in the fall.

For those of us who are crazy for knitting or are yarn craft addicts, it can be a challenging time of year. You don’t want to put the needles down, but during the summer, you’ve probably been involved in 2 or 3 sock KALs already. It seems like everybody is running those. Or maybe you’ve knitted a shawl or two already.  And the grandkids are in the car and on the way for summer vacation. At your house. Or the family reunion is in a week or two and all the kids and cousins will be in town. How in the world are you going to spend time with all those kids without wanting to smash up all their smart phones?

Kids today get bored faster than a non knitting husband who tagged along with you to the yarn shop. And we all know how fast that is.

So what are you gonna do to keep up your crafting habit while spending time with family and making something kids of all ages will love? You’re gonna make a Pom Pom craft, of course! What else?

And here it is! A sweet pom pom decorated shirt that looks like you’re wearing a Lei, Only it doesn’t get in your way, and you’re safe to cook or serve guests without having your neckwear flopping around in the dip or catching fire as you pull that pie out of the oven.

Because nobody wants their party crashed by the fire department. They never send those hot guys from the calendar. Trust me. I know about this.

I absolutely loved making this project and I was able to get everything for it at Michael’s. Making the pom poms is the time consuming part of this project. But….aren’t we looking for something to keep hands and minds occupied if only for a couple of hours? Exactly.

Here’s what you need.

  1. A plain t-shirt
  2. 2 or 3 different colors of yarn to make the pom poms
  3. Pom Pom makers in the small size
  4. Good scissors
  5. Glue Gun
  6. Extra Glue Sticks for the Glue Gun
  7. A basket or a big bowl or something to hold the pom poms until you are ready to assemble the shirt.

There is a ton of potential here to make this shirt your own. Michael’s has ALL. THE. COLORS. in the plain t-shirts and there is an endless rainbow of color in the yarn section. I recommend staying in a worsted weight size for your yarn. That is a 4 weight yarn as indicated on the label.

Here’s how you make the shirt:

  1. Wash and iron the tshirt. I heard that. Yes you have to wash AND iron the shirt. It looks nicer.
  2. Make the Pom Poms.
  3. Glue them onto the shirt in a pattern you like. Lay the shirt out on a flat surface to apply the decoration.
  4. Let it hang for about 30 minutes so the glue dries.

That’s it. It’s seriously such an easy project for summer. And each person can make it just the way they want. Lay out the pom poms on the shirt to get an idea of the pattern you want to make and then glue gun those colorful puffs to your shirt. Easy Peasy. Done. And so fun!

If you want to pass the advanced class in Pom Pom decoration, tuck a plastic trash bag inside the shirt. Then when you lay it flat to glue gun on your poms, the glue hits the plastic and won’t stick the two sides of the shirt together. Very clever.

So, I’ll be honest with you. This project took a lot of pom poms and I didn’t really know how I wanted to lay them out. So I just made a ton of them in a bunch of colors using the XS and S sized Pom Pom makers from Clover. I love those. They make the nicest most even poms I know of. You can always do the old school trick of drawing out a form on cardboard, but I prefer using the pom pom makers. This tutorial is written to assume you have those. Because you need them. Not sure how to make pom poms? I gotcha covered. Check out this fun tutorial that even includes a video.

You’ve heard of knitting in public. What about Pomming In Public? (get your mind out of the gutter. This is a family show.)

‘Cause Pomming in Public is what I did to get these pom poms ready for this project and photo shoot. I took my travel kit with me and made pom poms while I waited for my van to get serviced. People were absolutely fascinated. I met the nicest lady who told me stories about her horses and about how they cry real tears when they are sad or scared or hurt. She said no vet will say that’s what it is, but she’s seen too much and knows that’s what they are doing. She’s seen them cry over their friends dying and over losing foals. This is the kind of stuff I learn about people when  crafting in public. Because I just seem like a nice, approachable lady who is doing something kinda weird like making pom poms in public. It disarms them. People tell me so many stories, because they feel safe. It’s nice to give that to people. It’s in short supply these days.

Here’s my kit:

I got the basket on sale and used that magic 20% off everything coupon at checkout. Oh Michael’s. What would I do without you? So the basket was like $3 or less after all of that. I’ll definitely use it in photo shoots as well.

It worked perfectly for my travel pom pom kit which is

  1. The yarn
  2. Two Pom Pom Makers
  3. The scissors

Yup that’s it. Well, because I’m extra polite I also carried my own trash can to trim the pom poms. They are a rather messy craft, so I made sure I had something to catch the stuff that gets cut away. But do you really want me to post pictures of a trash can on this pretty blog? It would take space away from stuff like THIS!

But that’s not the only cute thing going on with this clever shirt design. No Sir. Why pom one half of a shirt, when you can pom pom both sides?

Yup. This shirt can be made to have pom poms on the front and back. You could put them on the hem. Or on the sleeves. Or fill the the top yoke with them. Or even pom the whole dang shirt. Maybe we can do one like that this winter. Why not? It’s an inexpensive shirt and some pom poms. Live a little!

What are some other things you can do with this shirt idea? Well here are a few!

  1. Wear on the family outing to get ice cream on the Boardwalk.
  2. Take cute family pictures in the sand or on the pier. The white shirts and tan pants thing are over. 1998 called and wants its pictures back. Make matching shirts for your kids to wear in the family pictures this year. This would also work on a baby’s onsie.
  3. Jazz up those boring boring boring same as it ever was Family Reunion Shirts.
  4. Make up a couple of these and wear them to work. How cute would this be for a teacher? Or Massage Therapist? I want a massage from the lady who wears pom poms on her shirt. Don’t you?

Wow. Those are great ideas! Drop me a note and let me know how you are going to style and wear YOUR Lovely Luau Shirt, because I just know you’re going to make one for yourself! And then you’ll feel like this…..

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you love this project as much as I do, and that you’ll make it and share the pictures with me. If you haven’t already, I’d like to invite you to sign up for my email list. It’s a great way for us to stay in touch! Drop your name and address in the box below!









Author: Pattymac

Patty loves figuring out new ways to use pom poms, where to stash more yarn and is always wondering what to bake next...chocolate or lemon? When not dreaming up new things to knit (or bake), she loves riding her beach cruiser on the Boardwalk, escaping to mid week movie matinees, and planting new things in her container garden.