HOW TO KNIT by LEARNING HOW TO Bind off your knitting. THIS POST SHARES TEXT AND VIDEO TO EXPLAIN HOW TO Bind off knitting at the end of your project

If you don’t have your copy of My Magic Scarf Pattern, then please visit this post to get yours! I have written a beautiful beginner pattern with big, full-color pictures, and instructions. There is also a shopping list so you will know exactly what to pick up at the store when you go to get your supplies.

This post is the fifth in a series of eight that is written to get you knitting. I’m sharing a couple of free patterns, shopping lists and video tutorials to get you going.


You need to know four basic techniques to get started in knitting. All beginners need to know these four things to get going, and they are things you will need to know how to do no matter what project you’re working on.


But don’t worry, because we are going to go step-by-step through each technique. By the end of this series, you’ll be ready to conquer the Scarf Knitting World!

How to Knit with two strands of yarn | How to knit this super chunky scarf | Knitting a chunky scarf for beginners | Video Tutorial included

What are the four foundational knitting techniques?

  1. Casting On
  2. Knit Stitch
  3. Joining New Yarn
  4. Binding Off (the subject of this post)

Today we are on lesson four. We are going to learn how to bind off our knitting. Why is this important?

If you can’t secure the live stitches you’ve been working from, you can never remove the knitting from your needles. You know, in case you want to wear it or something.

Time for a true confession. I saw a designer send a model down the runway in a chunky scarf with the knitting needles still attached. Yeah. It’s funny what designers think is cool and what the rest of us find silly.

So, don’t be that guy. Bind off your knitting so you can wear it without being fearful of dropping stitches and having the whole project unravel.

Would you really want to put in hours and hours of time to have this unravel on you the first time you wear it out?

Free Scarf Knitting pattern for beginners. Combines chunky yarn and garter stitch to craft the perfect scarf for Men or Women, and even Children.

Much like the Cast On technique, there are as many Bind Off techniques as there are stars in the sky.

It’s amazing how many different ways there are to secure our finished knitting. Why so many?

Because different kinds of projects need different kinds of Bind Offs to make them work properly.

You wouldn’t want a tight bind off on your socks, for example, because it would be hard to get them up your leg!

In knitting patterns, Bind Off is abbreviated as BO. Which is kinda funny if you’re on the immature side of things. And aren’t we all just little bit, secretly immature when nobody is watching?

Today’s video is the Standard BO. It’s the most basic BO, and the one people use in tons of patterns and projects. It’s great for these scarves!

So what do think? Doable? You literally just knit the stitches like you’ve been doing and jump one over the other on the right needle. The secret is not to make it too tight. That’s the secret in all of knitting! Make the stitches snug and even, but not too tight. It takes a while to really get there, but it’s worth it.

In case you think I was born being able to do this, let me set you straight right here and now! My first project was kind of a disaster. I was going to throw it away, but my knitting teacher told me it’s very important to always save your first project. You will pull it out years later and marvel at how far you’ve come. I can attest this is absolutely true. I fumbled through the first one,  but the second one is so beautiful I still wear it!

My hope is that by giving you these small chunks of information and techniques, I can save you from that complete disaster of a first scarf! If you have been practicing all along, you should be quite comfortable with the stitches and techniques by now. Do this BO a couple of times to get the hang of it, and then pull out the Magic Scarf Pattern. Get it out and read over it carefully and then follow the instructions. I just know you can do it, but if you get stuck, drop a note on the Facebook Page, and I’ll help you get going.

Don’t forget to grab your free pattern from the Style Your Scarf Update so you have the free pattern AND shopping list for the first scarf!

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