to Learn how to knit is not as difficult as you might think. But you need someone to explain the basics. And Don’t give up after your first project. Keep reading to see why!

So while trying to learn how to knit may not be as difficult as you first think, it’s super important that you don’t give up after your first project. And you need to find someone to explain the basics in a way that you understand.

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Today we are talking about the Baa-ble Hat Pattern, as a knitting pattern review.  I’m sharing some tips and suggestions for making your own Baable hat, a pattern from Donna Smith.

**because of the ongoing popularity of this post, I’ve updated it somewhat for 2019. Please enjoy! It’s a wonderful pattern**

I can’t tell you how much I love my Baa-ble Hat and how excited I am to write this knitting pattern review.

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Merry Christmas my dear readers! I hope that you find peace and joy in this holiday season. This post will close out the blog for 2018. I will see in the new year with Knitting school for Knitting in the round. New blog posts will be up starting January 15, 2019.

To stay in touch until then, please make sure you are on the email list! I will still be creating new videos and other social content,

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Enjoy this post on how to make this adorable DIY Felt Christmas Ornament set. This is an easy embroidery project.What’s Christmas without stockings, kittens, and that famous mouse that is nestled in on Christmas Eve? The holidays call for a touch of hand sewing, and this little project will have you scurrying to pick up a little felt and embroidery floss.

This summer I took some time off from being so connected online and allowed myself time to learn a few new crafts.

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It’s that time of year, and sharing a sweet project that would also make for a lovely gift seems perfect for us DIY gals (and guys). So may I present Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas. This post is complete with the steps to decorating this Christmas Tree. And last but not least, this post is about how to decorate a small Christmas tree.

Trends come and go faster than a dollar bill these days. And what’s popular one year,

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How to Sew a Dream Pillow, a fun and simple sewing DIY project. It’s also a perfect stocking stuffer, and I know we are all searching for those sweet little presents we can easily make.

We have all sent someone off to bed at night and wished them, “Pleasant Dreams.” What if you could gift someone you love with a tangible reminder of that blessing? Now you can, and I’m going to show you how.

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Get ready for an adorable vintage inspired Snow Globe DIY project! It includes woodland animals in a mason jar. This is an adorable Indoor Christmas decoration idea.

Thanksgiving is behind us and the sprint to Christmas is here. All the craziness and pressure that is now synonymous with the holiday season is also here. Please don’t misunderstand. I really enjoy the holiday season, but I don’t enjoy the level of craziness that is normalized in our culture now.

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Make this Easy, Free Color Block Scarf Knitting Pattern, a great knitting project for beginners!

Knitted scarves are such a versatile and practical accessory. But that doesn’t mean they have to be dull or drab. Adding in a simple color blocking technique creates a very cool and instantly recognizable scarf. Don’t believe me? Check out this….

Color Blocks make the coolest scarf project!

Few easy projects can boast the impact of a bold color blocked scarf.

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This week I’m sharing my newest pattern release!! It’s a chunky blanket knitting pattern that is perfect as either a baby blanket or to use as a lap blanket.

I’ve had several requests from readers to make a blanket pattern for people who are in wheel chairs, because apparently it’s really hard to find something that would work as a lap blanket for them. It’s been brought to my attention that knitting blankets like this would be  welcomed by patients living in nursing home facilities.

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Let’s make a DIY Air Plant Terrarium!

One of the trendiest things going right now is making terrariums. There’s a new business close to me, and  all they do is host workshops on how to make terrariums. It looks really fun, and I would love to go make one with them. But in the meantime, I’m sharing one I made for a new air plant acquisition here at home. I’ve shared easy projects with you before,

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