How does another lovely (did I mention EASY) fun knitting pattern for a beginner scarf sound?

Yeah, I thought you’d like that idea! And yes I know that was a mouthful. You can express your thanks to Google. Let’s get to that pattern! Shall we?

This scarf is named Living on the Fringe, and it’s the third pattern in my Knitting School series. So far we’ve seen My Magic Scarf, which is the level one knitting pattern I start all my students on. The second free knitting pattern premiered only a couple of weeks ago, and it’s called the Polychromatic Scarf. It used a variegated yarn to give you the chance to try out a new yarn. Today’s scarf pattern adds the element of tassels as a way to add color and interest. Talk about an easy, fun beginner scarf knitting pattern (that’s free as well)!

This fun knitted scarf uses two colors to create it’s distinctive look. I was actually really surprised when I started looking at what was already out there and discovered that no one was adding a contrasting color for the tassels. This was really unexpected, so that’s how this pattern came to be. This fun knitting pattern is a simple way to get you thinking about colors and mixing them to create your own custom finished object.

I love purple, and am not afraid of color, so adding lime green fringe worked really well for me. I thought it was super fun and so playful.

When it’s February and dreary, who couldn’t use a little extra color in their scarf?

Because this scarf is designed to be a part of my beginner’s Knitting School Series, the design was kept really simple. The biggest change to this pattern from the last two is the addition of the tassels. The yarn is different for each pattern, so in this one series you are exposed to 3 different kinds of yarn that knit into 3 really unique finished objects. I think it’s important to experience how a yarn selection totally changes the nature of a project.

And I think it’s important to know how to make tassels for your projects, because you can make something rather plain and basic into something with loads of personality. The only “restriction” on this pattern is that you select your yarns from the same yarn brand and use the same weight. I find the tassels will look more polished and finished when the same weight of yarn is used to make them.

If you are unsure about how to make tassels, simply review last week’s blog update! I have a video that shows you exactly what you need to do!

Here’s the free knitting pattern for this Simple Garter Stitch Scarf, called the Living on the Fringe Scarf. And it’s perfect for beginners!


  • Fiber:  2 Skeins Loops and Threads Cozy Wool. This is the scarf itself.
  • Shown here in the colorway:   Velvet
  • Fiber:   1 Skein Loops and Threads Cozy Wool. This is to make the tassels.
  • Shown here in the colorway:   Sweetgrass
Weight:   4.5 oz. / 127 g
Yardage: 90 yd. / 82 m

Needles and Notions:

  • Size 15US (10mm) straight knitting needles
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors
  • Size N 9mm Crochet Hook
  • DVD case to measure out the tassels

The Pattern:

CO:  12 Stitches

ROW 1: K every stitch

**repeat row one until you have about 12” of yarn remaining on your first skein.

Join the second skein of yarn and continue working in pattern.

When you have about 24” of yarn remaining on the second skein, BO the scarf.

Weave in the ends.

Make and attach the tassels to each end of the scarf. I find adding an odd number of tassels looks better. This scarf has 5 on end for a total of 10 tassels.

How to Make Your Own Tassels. Enjoy this free video tutorial to DIY Tassels. Tassels and fringe are a fun way to finish scarves and other knitting projects. | Pattymac Knits

I added that fun button to the end of the scarf as well. Something as bright and colorful as a purple and green scarf just cried out for that unexpected all seeing eye button!

So have some fun with this scarf. Try not to do the usual thing and match your tassels to your scarf. Think about using colors that are unpredictable and fun! This scarf is a perfect Christmas gift for the teenagers or college kids in your life. I think you can see how easy it is to knit this up using team colors and adding a patch for a favorite school or sports team. Which means this is something that can make even the men in your life happy. Because they can be a little bit difficult to knit for. Making a scarf in their favorite football team or college team colors with an official patch added is a really cool gift! If you want to make this project for a younger child, simply use one skein  for the scarf instead of two!

This project is easy to customize! You can use the same pattern over and over while still creating fun and unique gifts for every one in your life. This includes you!

If you have declared a goal to learn how to knit this year, then this pattern is a  great one to get your there. You are not going to get overwhelmed, and you will wind up with a stylish project that will stay fashionable year after year. I’ve been knitting these super chunky scarves (and cowls) for years, and they only seem to be increasing in popularity.

If you are still not exactly sure where to start, no worries! Here is a post on how to get started knitting and includes video as well as written instructions! Start there and go through the series.

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Happy knitting!

Author: Pattymac

Patty loves figuring out new ways to use pom poms, where to stash more yarn and is always wondering what to bake next...chocolate or lemon? When not dreaming up new things to knit (or bake), she loves riding her beach cruiser on the Boardwalk, escaping to mid week movie matinees, and planting new things in her container garden.