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Today’s post will show you how to weave in the ends of yarn for your Knitting Project.

If you don’t have your copy of My Magic Scarf Pattern, then please visit this post to get yours! I have written a beautiful beginner pattern with big, full-color pictures, and instructions. There is also a shopping list so you will know exactly what to pick up at the store when you go to get your supplies.

This post is the sixth in a series of eight that is written to get you knitting. I’m sharing a couple of free patterns, shopping lists and video tutorials to get you going.


You need to know four basic techniques to get started in knitting. All beginners need to know these four things to get going, and they are things you will need to know how to do no matter what project you’re working on.


But don’t worry, because we are going to go step-by-step through each technique. By the end of this series, you’ll be ready to conquer the Scarf Knitting World!

Free Scarf Knitting pattern for beginners. Combines chunky yarn and garter stitch to craft the perfect scarf for Men or Women, and even Children.
Click here to start my full mini course on learning to knit starting with this scarf project!

What are the four foundational knitting techniques?

  1. Casting On
  2. Knit Stitch
  3. Joining New Yarn
  4. Binding Off

Today we are on lesson five. We are going to learn how to weave in your ends. Why is this important?

“Um, ok,” I bet you’re saying.  “You’ve been saying we only need four things to knit and now you’re throwing this new thing at us that’s not even on the list?”

Yes. Yes I am.

Because technically, you don’t have to weave in the ends to make a finished project.

Technically. Weaving in ends and blocking and stuff like that are actually finishing techniques, not actual knitting techniques.  Some people get really avant-garde and never weave their ends. They use the loose ends as a design element. That designer probably knows the one who sent the model down the runway still wearing the knitting attached to the needles we talked about in the last email. Yeah. You don’t really want to be that person. (what? you don’t know what I’m talking about? Then you should definitely subscribe to my email list, which is a fun email you will look forward to receiving. Pop your info into the box at the end of this post.)

How to Knit, weave in the ends of yarn, Knitting for beginners | Pattymac Knits
Don’t you think the finished knit on the left looks sooooo much nicer than the one with all the crazy tails?

“So, how do we get rid of those ends?”

I’m so glad you asked! I have a video for you that walks us through the process. You will need a tapestry needle, which is an oversized needle used to basically sew with yarn. These are readily available in any craft store or yarn shop.

Here’s how we weave in the ends of our knitting at the very end of the project. Click the picture to see the full video!

So here’s a little truth for you. Most knitters despise this step. I mean you can find oodles of Ravelry posts over flowing with disdain for weaving in ends. I don’t really understand feeling that way. I actually find weaving in the ends a relaxing part of this and look forward to this finishing step.

So just know that if you don’t enjoy this bit, you are not alone. Honestly it can be a nightmare on a project with a ton of ends. Like a big striped scarf or sweater. I do have a trick for making this easier, and I’ll share that sometime in the few posts. It doesn’t work for all patterns, but it works for a lot of them.

In case you think I was born being able to do this, let me set you straight right here and now! My first project was kind of a disaster. I was going to throw it away, but my knitting teacher told me it’s very important to always save your first project. You will pull it out years later and marvel at how far you’ve come. I can attest this is absolutely true. I fumbled through the first one,  but the second one is so beautiful I still wear it!

My hope is that by giving you these small chunks of information and techniques, I can save you from that complete disaster of a first scarf! If you have been practicing all along, you should be quite comfortable with the stitches and techniques by now. By now, you should be progressing through the Magic Scarf Pattern like a hot knife through butter. I just know you can do it, but if you get stuck, drop a note on the Facebook Page, and I’ll help you get going.

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